Our stretch of the Munster Blackwater

Our privately owned 3/4 mile stretch of the Blackwater has some of the finest salmon and trout fishing on the river. We are about a mile downstream from Killavullen village on the right (south) bank and our fishing includes the ‘S’ bend, originally the result of the river’s natural deflection by the rock on which the castle stands. This is what gives the stretch its quality, variety (and the sometimes  confusing illusion that one is fishing both banks!). Plenty of scope for both fly and spinner.


Spinning tackle

A 10 to 12ft rod will give you plenty of casting scope for spinning.15lb. line for the Spring and high water dropping to, say,10lb. through the Summer.

Lures - you need few, other than ‘Flying C’ spinners in sizes 3 and 4 -Yellow & Silver (yellow rubber, silver spoon) for deep, coloured water and Black & Silver for clearer conditions. 

A landing net capable of holding that fish of a lifetime (vital if you happen to be caught on your own). If you find it difficult to travel with a net we can always lend you one.

How many rods?

The beat will take four rods and for longer stays or more rods we have a reciprocal arrangement with neighbouring beats for use of their fishing.


Even for experienced fisherfolk we advise you to  make use of our own ghillie. He knows the water and conditions intimately and quite simply if there’s a fish there you stand more chance of meeting it. (Our principal ghillie has been with us for 20 years and has encouraged four generations of our family to become successful salmon fishermen).



A great mix of streams, glides and pools.

Starting upstream with a long run of big water, the flow then passes one of the ‘hotspots’ we call ‘The Stones’ - the remains of an old jetty and a great place to hold a fish. On to the famous Poulcam, a pausing place for the running fish as they leave the fast water below. Through the Tail-of-the-Pool, over a small weir, into excellent, fast runs to the Ford Pool (once the crossing to the old railway station).

On into the exciting stretch of Bright Water, before the flow divides round a small island to exit as another truly delightful stretch of fly fishing, opening up at last to the wide flats, so useful for a fish when the water is running high.

Fly Fishing tackle

Much depends on water depth and personal preference but here are a few suggestions; for Spring and end-of- season fishing a double-handed rod 14’-15’ with sink tip or intermediate line and a good strong leader. Toward the end of May when the grilse (peel) are running, a shorter double-hander, say 12‘-14’ and a floating line or switch to a single-handed rod, maybe around 10ft, with the appropriate floating line (useful too if you fancy trying for a few brown trout). Flies, everybody has favourites but... most types of shrimp patterns, particularly the Cascades and the usual suspects such as Stoat's Tail, Silver Stoat, Monroe Killer, Thunder & Lightning, Hairy Mary, Blue Charm and Garry Dog. For early season and high water sizes 6 -10. Drop to 8 -14 as water level drops and temperature rises.